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What is a data breach?

A Data Breach is when personal and private information is exposed to third parties without consent; the information can be viewed and transmitted in many formats.

The claims one can make are as follows:

  • Identity theft to commit crimes such as credit card fraud
  • Purposely lose important data
  • Third party gains access to personal information without consent
  • Company data leaks
  • Personal information used for journalism purposes without consent

The above points highlight the areas and differences a Data Breach can occur. Data Breaches can have many detrimental effects to an individual, such as mental distress, safety concerns and financial losses.

Types of data breaches

Your data has been lost, stolen or hacked.

A business failed to maintain up to date records.

A business or organisation has had their data leaked.

An identity has been stolen to obtain credit cards.

Personal data has been misused or mishandled.

Personal information has been sent to a third party.

How to claim

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